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Tell your senator to OPPOSE gift card bills

The 2024 legislative session is in full swing, and we have our first ACTION ALERT!

Lawmakers in the House and the Senate have introduced a package of bills (HB 2094/SB 5987 and HB 2095/SB 5988) related to gift cards that will significantly impact Washington state businesses. We need your help to stop these proposals!

Combined, the bills aim to take unclaimed gift card revenue by requiring businesses to:
• Transfer the funds to the state as unclaimed property
• Report consumer data to the Department of Revenue related to gift cards
• Cash out gift cards to customers when the balance is below $50
• Honor gift cards even if the funds have been turned over to the state

HB 2095 and SB 5988

These bills will:

  • Require all businesses to forward unredeemed gift card revenue to the state after three years.
  • Require businesses to continue to honor gift cards, even after they’ve been forwarded to the state as unclaimed property.
  • Expand the definition of “gift card” to include loyalty programs.

HB 2094 and SB 5987

These bills will require businesses to provide cash on demand for unspent gift card balances below $50, essentially forcing businesses to serve as ATMs attracting criminals and fraud related to gift cards – which is already rampant.


Your government affairs team is asking association members to click on the two “Contact Your Lawmaker” buttons below to send your lawmakers a pre-written email that explains how these bills will negatively impact your business AND click on the four “Sign in Con Here” buttons below to register your opposition with committee members.

Click on the button below to tell your lawmakers to OPPOSE
HB 2095 and SB 5988

Click on the button below to tell your lawmakers to OPPOSE
HB 2094 and SB 5987

Sign in CON for each of the bills listed below by Monday, Jan. 15.

HB 2095

SB 5988

HB 2094

SB 5987

It is crucial that we act on these bills NOW.

Please take a moment to click on the buttons above to send your letters to your lawmakers, and sign in CON before the committee hearings on Tuesday, Jan. 16.