Hill Climb 2022
Hospitality Week on the Hill

There’s no question hospitality has been the hardest hit industry during the pandemic. With travel bans, seating capacity restrictions and complete closures, many hospitality businesses had to close their doors permanently.

That landscape could have been much worse had it not been for your participation in the legislative process.

Washington Hospitality Association members actively engaged with lawmakers during the 2021 legislative session despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, showing unprecedented support from individuals and businesses. This engagement led to several legislative wins to help our industry recover. Your involvement in the process also prevented several harmful bills from becoming law.

Your government affairs team is asking you once again for this same level of engagement during the 2022 legislative session. They will advocate on your behalf for additional relief funding, resources and policy changes to help businesses that continue to struggle through the pandemic and ongoing public health orders.

Your participation in Hill Climb 2022: Hospitality Week on the Hill will be a critical part of the legislative success story.

Program Overview

We have an exciting agenda lined up for Hill Climb 2022.

Join our virtual program live from 10-11:30 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 31.

We have an exciting agenda lined up for Hill Climb 2022.

  • Association president & CEO Anthony Anton will give an update on the state of the industry and recovery efforts.
  • The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) chairs will highlight our legislative wins from last year and discuss the importance of your involvement this year.
  • Your state government affairs team will talk about 2022 legislative priorities, issues of importance to small businesses and how you can help the team secure wins for the hospitality industry.
  • You’ll hear from legislative leaders from all four caucuses about what they’re doing to boost the state economy and support Washington businesses this session.
  • And we’ll hear a message from Ron Oh, chair of the Washington Hospitality Association Board of Directors.

Interested in meeting with your lawmakers?

January 31-February 4

Lawmaker meetings are back! This year we’ll set up virtual meetings with you, other local members, a member of the Government Affairs team and your lawmaker during our Hospitality Week on the Hill. These 15-minute meetings will take place throughout the week and you will be able to join from wherever is convenient from your computer.

This is an excellent opportunity to share your stories directly with lawmakers who are in positions to help our industry. Please register for the event if you would like us to set up a meeting with you and your lawmakers.

Hill Climb 2022: Hospitality Week on the Hill








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