Latex Gloves





Banning latex gloves in food establishments (HB 1698)

Position: Oppose

Status: Defeated

HB 1698 would prohibit the use of latex gloves in food establishments starting January, 2024. While our industry does not use latex gloves exclusively, it is critical that we do have options as the food code requires a barrier between hands and ready to eat food.

It’s our understanding that the intent behind the bill is to protect guests who may have an allergy to latex and we take this very seriously. The health and safety of our guests is of the utmost importance, which is why our employees and Persons in Charge are all trained on allergens. Because of the service nature of our industry and the training our employees receive, this legislation is just not necessary.

Action Alert status: HB 1698 was not approved by the policy committee before cutoff and therefore was not considered further this session.