Hospitality Industry Relief




The hospitality industry was the hardest hit from the pandemic.


State budget (SB 5693)

Position: Support

Status: Passed

Lawmakers approved a state budget that contains a HUGE win for the hospitality industry on the last day of the 2022 legislative session. Your state Government Affairs team was able to secure $160 million for assistance to the hospitality industry, conventions, arts sector, and small businesses.

Of that funding, $100 million is earmarked specifically for the hospitality industry, with $15 million dedicated to assist lodging properties that incurred costs associated with the eviction moratorium.

Our team will continue to work with the Department of Commerce on the details related to implementation of this relief program and will share details including a potential timeline with members as soon as we can. Be sure to bookmark our Financial Relief Toolkit where we post the latest information about relief programs for the hospitality industry.

Another big win for hospitality – the budget includes $7 million to offset lower liquor license fees through the implementation of HB 1359. This bill will reduce liquor license fees by 50% for those set to expire or issued between April 1, 2022, and December 31, 2023.

Please let your legislators know how much you appreciate the $100 million+ in relief for the hospitality industry in the budget.